Billboard Dance: Dash Berlin Gives Gattuso’s ‘When In Rome’ a Fist-Pumping Club Remix: Exclusive


11/6/2019 by Kat Bein

Dash Berlin is back, baby. The artist born Jeffrey Sutorius has been a beloved favorite in the trance scene since the mid 2000s, and while he wasn’t able to use the name “Dash Berlin” for legal reason for about a year, that all seems cleared up as the producer comes with a pop-forward remix of Isreali producer and DJ Gattüso’s “When In Rome” featuring Damon Sharpe.

The original is more pop than dance with tinges of tropical house over a steady electronic beat and lots of radio-friendly elements. Dash Berlin’s remix amps the energy with uplifting trance synths and a hard-hitting rhythm that begs to be played when the confetti canons blast in the club. The chance to be remixed by Dash Berlin was a “dream come true” for the Isreali.

“When Gattüso reached out to remix ‘When In Rome,’ I didn’t have to think twice,” Sutorius tells Billboard Dance (his team declined to comment on the name issue). “Besides the mesmerizing and soothing voice of Cimo Frankel, also the catchy whistle in the original sparked my creativity. I’ve been playing it for months, and it has become somewhat of a mini-hype with my fans.

“Dash was a big influence on my decision to make electronic music my life, as I had been a fan for many years,” Gattüso says. “Jeff made the song into a true anthem…never stop following your dreams.”