“I Will Play” – Gattuso on EDMtunes


If you’re like me and scrape through the Friday Cratediggers playlist on Spotify each week, you may have noticed a new face featured on the cover. This fire playlist, that many use to find the freshest EDM tracks, featured Israeli DJ/producer Gattuso with his new progressive house hit “I Will Play”.


GATTÜSO has rapidly made a name for himself on the EDM/pop music scene. His first big single was Who We Are featuring Myah, released in the summer of 2018. This infectiously catchy song quickly took over the FM radio airwaves and found its way in Apple Music’s “Top 50 Global Hit Songs” within a few weeks of the single’s initial release. Today, many crate-digging EDM fans started there day off with “I Will Play” featuring the addicting vocals of pop sensation Jack Wilby. With a smooth blend of guitar, piano, strings and synths, GATTÜSO brings a new twist to the amazing progressive house sound we all love. If you haven’t already heard it, check out “I Will Play” in the Spotify link below and out everywhere now! – Andrew Cheng