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Gattuso Featured on EDM.COM

Captivating, memorable, and uplifting, GATTÜSO’s "I Will Play” is a perfect song to start your journey into 2019 with style. Featuring a powerful vocal hook and a strong melody, “I Will Play” is ready for radio. A flawless and at times euphoric tune, GATTÜSO’s tasteful music production, and contagious vocal melody are only one part of the song’s allure. What really sets it apart is the electric guitar riff that makes a triumphant appearance during the chorus.

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“Gattuso Featured in MGraceland

Captivating. Memorable. Uplifting. GATTUSO is the name on every music-lover’s playlist and his latest song, “I Will Play” (T&T), is out now.

With vocal hooks and a strong melody, “I Will Play” is a song born ready for radio. From the depths of his earlier depression to the highs of his artistic achievements today, GATTUSO recounts his journey as a music producer in this song.

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