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“Gattuso Featured in MGraceland

Captivating. Memorable. Uplifting. GATTUSO is the name on every music-lover’s playlist and his latest song, “I Will Play” (T&T), is out now.

With vocal hooks and a strong melody, “I Will Play” is a song born ready for radio. From the depths of his earlier depression to the highs of his artistic achievements today, GATTUSO recounts his journey as a music producer in this song.

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Gattuso Featured In OneEDM

Israel has bred an individual made for success. Reem, better known as GATTÜSO, has taken his skills in business and forged it with his passion for music. Out of this fusion came the musical stylings of GATTÜSO. Trance, house, and pop come together in the mind of this prestige and humble individual...

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Gattuso Featured In EDMTunes

Fast moving pop/Electronic artist GATTÜSO drops his third original release, following up on his Mint playlist smash, ‘Who We Are’, and his last release ‘Dance Stay High feat. Lorensa’. Titled ‘Easy Boy’, this new one is a collab with Sirius XM BPM host and DJ, Liquid Todd. Liquid Todd has previously had his own smash hit’s on Armada Music, including ...

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