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GATTÜSO got recently featured in ThatDROP. Below is the transcript of the Gattuso interview by ThatDROP.

Gattuso Interview – ThatDROP

Israeli DJ and Producer, Reem Taoz a.k.a Gattuso has found his home in New Jersey after beginning his electronic music journey in Lima, Peru. As infectious DJs were brought to his chic nightclubs within Lima’s high-end casinos, Reem grew a strong connection with dance music. After years of being charged by the music in his clubs and learning what makes the dance floor go off, he was ready to brew up his own sound in the studio.

GATTÜSO just released his third spell, “Dance Stay High”- a warm, inviting and groovy track that compels people to the dance floor.

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Gattuso “Dance Stay High”

“Dance Stay High” pulls you in with comforting underground house music vocals by the lovely Lorensa, then wraps you up with gooey basslines and a bursting beat that will instantly get you moving. A melodic flourish of violin strings adds an unexpected, sophisticated touch-of-light on this readily accessible, thoroughly danceable song.

Listen to GATTÜSO’s “Dance Stay High” ft. Lorensa (GATTÜSO Music):

As the track drives deep, let go of all your preoccupations, dance and stay high as GATTÜSO’s spell is intended for you.

There’s a lot of heavy things happening in the news all over the country and the world right now, and I wanted to remind people that we can find beauty in our daily lives if we just remember to dance, love, and be kind to each other. Making songs with beautiful melodies and positive lyrics are super important to me and I really hope to connect with vocal-house music lovers all over the world with ‘Dance Stay High’! –Reem Taoz

You can catch Reem’s message of this single through the bubble spewing army tank depicted on the cover art. “Dance Stay High” caters more to lovers of underground than his current hit, “Who We Are” featuring Myah, that is now featured on Spotify’s beloved mint station right next to Duke Dumont, Tiësto, Illenium, Fisher and the best of them. After grabbing our attention with these two singles, we reached out to him to hear his story and better understand the true spirit of GATTÜSO.

An exclusive Gattuso interview, The Israeli Dance Floor Magician.

Congratulations on your single, “Who We Are” ft Myah, just being added to Spotify’s insanely popular ‘Mint’ playlist! That is huge!
GATTÜSO: Thank you. I’m super excited that important tastemakers like Kramer from Spotify also like “Who We Are,” my first big radio single that’s also airing on rotation on at least FM and digital radio stations! Spotify has become like a big radio station, in that they are expert curators. Discerning tastemakers like Kramer are a vital component of the music industry today. On top of all that, he’s a really great and cool guy.

How did the DJ name Gattuso come to life?
GATTÜSO: [laughs] Everybody asks me that, but the truth is that I just like the way the name sounded, so I chose it.

You’ve often said your creative “god” is Tiësto. What specifically about his sound or work ethic inspires you?
GATTÜSO: Yes, definitely for me, Tiësto is like a god. I started following Tiësto in 2001 when he was playing pure trance. All these years, I’ve been following his music, career and his shows. I love to see how he plays, his energy, and all the time, he surprises me because each DJ set is so different. That’s what makes me feel inspired.

Your single, “Who We Are” ft Myah, has gotten a lot of attention lately in the blogs, Spotify, Apple Music and even at radio. Is there anything else we can expect from that song?
GATTÜSO: I’m glad that “Who We Are” is getting a lot of attention, and for that, I make music. Definitely the campaign for that song is not finished….in fact, I just released “Who We Are” the remixes and the new versions take the song in a totally different direction. I’m still pushing “Who We Are” via the press and radio because I believe that this song can be on the Billboard charts, soon!

“Who We Are” has a great music video! What was the backstory behind that video shoot?
GATTÜSO: My PR agent coordinated the music video as part of the promotion for the “Who We Are” single and she wanted to make a video that’s fun to watch. We shot it in Los Angeles and it was a great experience!

What’s your songwriting process like?
GATTÜSO: I always get new ideas in my head, so as not to forget my ideas, I record voice notes or ideas into my phone as they come to me. After I start to write the lyrics…definitely, everything that I write about is part of my past, my future, my passion, my dreams, everything about me.

I understand you were introduced to electronic music in Peru at the clubs and casinos you own. Have you noticed a difference in the electronic music scenes in Lima and the U.S.? If so, what are the differences and similarities? Also, what clubs or festivals in Peru and South America would you recommend?
GATTÜSO: I moved here to the U.S. in 2015 and ‘til this time, the EDM scene [in Peru] was not so good. I saw Tiësto two or three times in Lima, but it definitely was not the same as seeing him in the U.S.! Now, I know Peru is hosting the “Road To Ultra” of Ultra Music Festival and people are starting to come onboard with electronic dance music there…

How are you settling into New Jersey? What do you like most about being there?
GATTÜSO: I love the relaxed life here, and I love the fact that I’m very close to the city and my studio there in Manhattan. All my life, I was living in big cities, so now living in New Jersey makes me feel very relaxed.

Where can fans see you DJ’ing? (Name the clubs/cities/countries)
GATTÜSO: At this moment, I’m very focused on making and releasing new music and earning fans. The next level would definitely be to start playing live shows.

We’ve heard your DJ mixes on Dash Radio, KLUC-FM Radio in Las Vegas, Dance Factory in Chicago, WPRO-FM Radio in Boston and they are great and really make people want to get up and dance! What is your specific approach when you sit down to create a DJ mix?
GATTÜSO: When I make a mix for my radio show, first I try to find a balance between new music, my own songs, and the hits. I’m always thinking about the audience and trying to make them happy.

Make sure to catch GATTÜSO in the mix during his weekly radio show on Dash Radio’s Electro City, Thursdays 7 pm EST. As Reem‘s musical journey continues with the help of a highly reputable manager, Liquid Todd, and a strong team, we can count on his music creating magic on the dance floor indefinitely. Show him some love by following him on his social media handles linked below and dancing when you hear his music in the clubs.

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