“Gattuso Featured in MGraceland


Out Now: GATTUSO, “I Will Play” (T&T)

Gattuso was recently featured in MGraceland. Here is the article excerpt.

Captivating. Memorable. Uplifting. GATTUSO is the name on every music-lover’s playlist and his latest song, “I Will Play” (T&T), is out now.

With vocal hooks and a strong melody, “I Will Play” is a song born ready for radio. From the depths of his earlier depression to the highs of his artistic achievements today, GATTUSO recounts his journey as a music producer in this song.

People always talking ‘bout me / People like to see me down / Even though they don’t even know me / My name is all around this town.”

Supported by the key tastemakers at Spotify, SiriusXM Radio and the top music blogs – including EDM.com, EDMTunes.com, EDMSauce.com, RaverMag.com, ThatDrop.com, YourEDM.com and many others – “I Will Play” is a flawless summertime tune that electronic dance music-lovers will embrace. GATTUSO’s pristine music production and contagious vocal melody are only part of the song’s allure; what really sets it apart is the electric guitar riff that makes its appearance during the chorus.

It’s this guitar riff that lingers with the listener long after the song leaves the air. The chorus positively soars, with its feel-good, pop-leaning vibe. “I Will Play” simply swells. A dash of acoustic violin enters on the second bridge, bringing the song and its lyrics fully into the light. In a climate where meanness in politics and daily life has come to seem ordinary, “I Will Play” is a song about overcoming loneliness and persevering against all odds to achieve one’s goals. “I Will Play” is an ode to self-acceptance, for it’s not until we learn to love ourselves that we can truly be worthy of being loved.