Gattuso Featured In EDMTunes


Fast moving pop/Electronic artist Gattuso drops his third original release, following up on his Mint playlist smash, ‘Who We Are’, and his last release ‘Dance Stay High feat. Lorensa’. Titled ‘Easy Boy’, this new one is a collab with Sirius XM BPM host and DJ, Liquid Todd. Liquid Todd has previously had his own smash hit’s on Armada Music, including ‘Stellar feat. Jimmy Gnecco’, which topped the dance radio charts and hit #1 on BPM’s Top 20 countdown with Geronimo.

Gattuso explains that ‘Easy Boy’ is about doing what you love, even when other people may have other ideas for who you should be, and what you should do with your life.
The song serves as an inspiration to everyone to pursue their goals at any cost.

The track kicks off with a heavily vocoded vocal, with GATTÜSO’s advice on what it takes to live out your dreams and fly higher. While the lyrics and break may give the listener the impression this is going to be a happy go lucky, chill electronic track – once the drop hits, you realize that these guys are coming with some hard hitting heat. When the drop kicks in, a hard arpeggiated lead synth and slamming future house groove is perfect for the hardcore shuffle fan.

Spotify dance curator and electronic music tastemaker, Austin Kramer, who’s picked many a rising star, spotted this new talent from the get go by featuring GATTUSO’s songs on Spotify’s leading dance music playlist’s Mint and Dance Rising. Today, you can check out GATTÜSO & Liquid Todd ‘Easy Boy’ on Spotify’s Friday Cratediggers, and keep an ear out for ‘Easy Boy’ at the clubs this weekend. A great add for your Thanksgiving weekend playlist!

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