Gattuso Featured In RAVERMAG


Gattuso got featured in Ravermag recently. Below is the Gattuso Ravermag interview transcript.

Gattuso Ravermag Interview

RaverMag: We love your new single, “Who We Are” ft Myah! How did this song come to be? What’s the history behind it?

Gattuso: Thank you! I’m really happy you like the song. I wrote it with the question in mind of, who are we without a dream? I’m a dreamer kind of guy and this song is all about achieving my highest goals, my dreams. I wanted to make a pop song with a dance vibe and try to connect with all the dreamers out there.

RaverMag: We’ve seen lots of photos and videos of you hanging out with some big-name DJs and artists like Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, Andrew Rayel, Vassy….and we’ve read in other interviews that you’re a fan of Tiesto. Does their sound influence your style? Do you have any collabs in the works with these or other DJs/producers/singers?

Gattuso: I met these guys at various industry events I’ve been invited to, and some of them I’ve come to really like on a personal level. It was great to see that all of them are very kind and humble people and these are the kinds of people you want to see succeeding in the world. I’m also a big fan of Tiesto’s and I’ve been listening to his music for 18 years. It gives me so much pleasure. But, definitely, nobody influenced my sound as an original artist. Like a kid, I was playing a lot of years the saxophone and I learned classical music. So my sound is dance music with vocals and a lot of classical elements, including instruments like piano, violin, and guitar.

RaverMag: IsWho We Are” typical of your sound?

Gattuso: I can say that “Who We Are” is my sound, but you’re going to hear from me different things, like more future-house and more progressive tunes. “Who We Are” is out like I wanted: a summer pop song with a carefree vibe.

RaverMag: It’s really difficult to compose great pop songs! No matter what anyone says, it’s actually very difficult making a lasting, big, radio hit. But you’ve got one with “Who We Are”! What’s next on the release schedule from GATTÜSO?

Gattuso: My new releases are “Dance Stay High” featuring Lorensa, “Easy Boy,” “Living In Fantasy, “I Will Play,” and I have a lot more music that I’m working on right now.

RaverMag: We’ve read that you also own casinos and nightclubs in Peru! Wow….so now that you’re living full-time in the U.S., how does your experience as an actual casino & nightclub owner affect your style of music, if at all?

Gattuso: My business life has no effect on my music life! Yes, I’m a very busy guy because I have a lot on my mind, but every moment that I’m spending making music is enjoyment for me. It’s pleasure. It doesn’t feel like work.

RaverMag: Do you have any weekly radio mix shows where fans can hear your music?

Gattuso: Yes! Today I have two weekly radio shows: Sundays on Dance Factory Chicago from 11:00PM-11:30PM Central Time, and on ElectroCity on Dash Radio on Thursdays from 4:00PM-5:00PM Pacific Time.

RaverMag: What’s next for Gattuso?

Gattuso: The most important thing for me is to continue making good music that people will like. After that, I want to start playing live gigs and touring. That’s my dream.

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